In the design of the Energy Community Volta RE proposes a methodological approach that, starting with the completion of a Questionnaire, allows the definition of the technical components and the economic viability for the Community itself thanks to the drafting of an accurate Business Case (phase 1) that expresses an initial hypothesis of technological investments, economic returns, asset values and financial and environmental impacts.

Volta RE will propose both the investment and management solution (phase 2) downstream of the Planning and Design phases (phases 3 and 4) taking charge of the installation and maintenance of the systems (phase 5).

Finally, Volta RE will take charge of the effective, transparent and real-time management of services provided to the Energy Community such as consumption, maintenance and communication with community members (phase 6).


Nella fase di progettazione viene applicata la Metodologia di Lavoro sviluppata per gestire in forma automatizzata tutte le variabili tecniche, economiche, finanziarie e progettuali  che caratterizzano una Comunità Energetica. Le simulazioni proposte si avvalgono di tool di simulazione e di planning innovativi e sofisticati.

Volta RE integrates various technologies to make the housing system and the mobility system more sustainable and convenient, intervening on:

  • • Architettura Mini-grid

    • Photovoltaic system

    • Thermal system

    • EV Charging Systems

    • Stationary and mobile Batteries

    • KERS Systems for Lifts and Parkings

    • Hw/Sw systems for managing the Energy Community

    • Micrologistc within the Community

All Inclusive/Full Service

In the event that the client does not wish to bear the entire cost of the investment, Volta RE offers the Full Service option: Volta RE Services will be provided on better terms than the local supplier. Volta RE bears the entire investment and the management of the Energy Community, granting a right of redemption starting from the tenth year of operation.

Volta RE is responsible for

• installation of technological systems (possibly purchasing those already present)
• maintenance and control of the Plants 
• billing of production, consumption and sale of energy
• relationship with Local Energy Company
• management and balancing of EV Chargers


In the event that the client wishes to bear the entire investment amount, Volta RE offers Community Operations Management, including plant maintenance, installation and maintenance of HW/SW systems for metering, billing of production, consumption, relations with the Electricity Company and energy sales.

Volta RE is responsible for

• Maintenance and control of the Plants
• Billing of production, consumptions and sales of energy
• Relationship with the Local Energy Company
• Management and balancing of EV Chargers