The use of renewable energy is now unavoidable and is declined as energy savings but also as the ability of the building to be a producer of energy and also to meet the growing need for electric mobility.

In this context Volta RE proposes itself as an ally of the Energy Communities that have the macroeconomic aim of supporting a growing decentralisation of energy production and storage:

- reducing purchase requirements, thanks to local production from renewable sources 
- drastically lowering grid charges, thanks to the local use of owned mini-grids
- improving purchase prices, thanks to the increasing openess of the Regulator towards an increasingly liberalised market.

Buildings under construction and those undergoing renovation will have to opt for storage systems and clean, autonomous energy production, taking into account the recharging needs of electric vehicles. For the latter, the construction of an infrastructure that ensures efficient and widespread recharging services in convenient locations is critical.

Read more about the regulatory framework issued on Energy Communities


Since 2018, energy end-users, among whom at least one has installed photovoltaic panels, can share the electricity they produce with each other by creating an Own Consumption Grouping or Energy Community.  

Participants in the Community will share significant benefits:

     • energy self-producing
     • energy storage
     • energy exchange
     • energy saving
     • reduce grid costs
     • improve building energy class

Read more about the regulatory framework issued on Energy Communities

Green Building

GREEN BUILDING means a new or renovated building designed and managed in a sustainable and efficient manner.

The emergence of Green Building should be related to the new sensitivity of building with attention to renewable energy, ecology and environmental pollution issues.

Volta RE, applying a specific Working Methodology intervenes in both the design and management phases of the Energy Community:

Project → Advanced technologies for energy, heating and water with the use of innovative materials

Management → Integrated management of the Energy Community in the production, storage, consumption and sale of any energy surplus to third parties

Electric Mobility

With the advent and spread of e-mobility, the paradigms of living and moving are intersecting more and more every day, not only because both impact on reducing pollution and saving energy, but because social and working life is changing radically.

It is therefore possible to recharge one's electric vehicle in parking spaces, but also to use the vehicle's battery as an energy supply for the home.

In order to address the emerging issues of Electric Mobility in a structured way, Volta RE controls e-OASI management SA, dedicated to the development of service and charging stations.



Volta RE's target market ranges from Residential to Industrial, passing through the various realities of the Commercial world for both existing and new buildings.

The new energy paradigm allows the development of special services suited to each individual market and specific targets, counterparts of Volta RE's proposals.

Regulation Framework